Get a dedicated support for ROC compliance from experts

Considering the complexity of legal norms in India, most businesses owners look for a professional support to ensure ROC compliance. At Renure Advisory, we offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients, ranging for company registration services to ROC compliance. Whether you are looking for ROC compliance for LLP, private company or any other kind of business, you would find our offerings relevant and affordable. Collaborating with us, you can enjoy a seamless journey, where dedicated experts working with us would guide you through the process. Our ROC compliance services are affordable, and we meticulously screen our staff for their competence. Give us a knock for affordable and responsible services to ensure ROC compliance.

How can we assist you with ROC compliance?

We assist our clients comprehensively in preparing and filing the necessary forms for ROC. The process includes:

  • Collecting information
    At the first stage, we will require your information. Our professionals will provide you with a template to collect the necessary information. You need to fill it up and mail it back to us.
  • Preparing your annual return
    Based on your information, our staff will prepare the ROC form. Before submitting the same, we will dispatch it to you for reviewing. Once you give a nod, we will proceed to the subsequent stage.
  • Filing annual return
    Our staff will fill up the e-Forms of our clients after getting them reviewed.

Advantages of regular ROC compliance for your business

Whether you are looking for ROC compliance for private limited company or any other business framework, we are here to help. Before proceeding further, let’s explore the advantages of ROC compliance for your business.

Save penalties

When you fill these forms up on time, or are regular with the compliance, you can make substantial savings on penalty. This can be up to 12 times the regular charges.

Maintaining active status for your company

With regular compliance with ROC, your company status on the ROC portal would be active. This is important for any business, considering tenders, taking finance and inspections.

Prevent getting struck off

Being regular with ROC ensures that the name of your business does not get struck off. Companies failing to file ROC for two consecutive years may be disqualified. Besides, the Companies Act, 2013 has suggested several legal provisions against businesses failing to file ROC. Reactivating or restoring this name can cost you lakhs.

Compliance to legal provision

The norms of the Company Act also require businesses to stay up to date with the ROC filings. Whether you need ROC compliance for LLP or any other type of business setup, we can help you out.

ROC compliance for LLP after incorporation

  • Within 15 days of incorporation, affix or paint the company name and address outside the office
  • Within 30 days of incorporation, the first meeting has to be held. The ROC compliance for LLP also requires the business to arrange a board meeting every 3 months.
  • Within 30 days of incorporation, the auditor needs to be appointed.
  • We assist our clients through the process, right from opening bank accounts to the interest disclosure by directors
  • You also need to register for trademark, GST, MSME, etc.

Besides, you have other norms to follow, and we will assist you with the same.

ROC compliance for private limited company

The norms pertaining to painting the company name and address outside the office and holding board meetings is the same as in LLPs. For any assistance with ROC compliance for private limited company, feel free to come to us. We will guide you through the process of appointing the auditor, disclosure of interest and other aspects. You may also count on us while registering your trademark, GST, MSME, etc. Experienced professionals working with us will take care of ROC adherence for your company.