Get professional trademark registration services for your company

The logo of a company happens to be an element that distinguishes it from others. Obviously, logo trademark registration is one of the most crucial aspects to focus on, when you set up your business. At Renure Advisory, we provide professional logo trademark registration services. Right from conceptualizing the design of your logo or trademark to getting it registered, we collaborate with clients throughout the process. At a time when generic products and services have plagued the market, you would never let your credibility to be counterfeited. Reach out to us for trademark registration services at affordable costs.

What is a logo or trademark?

A logo or trademark can be defined as a visual symbol. It may be presented in terms of a name, word, number, colour combinations, label, etc. With our trademark registration services, you can ensure that your customers would be able to identify your offerings through the symbol.

In India, trademarks are listed under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks. Besides, the Trademark Act was passed in 1999, which empowered the owner of a trademark to sue for the losses arising from the infringements of these trademarks. Therefore, your logo or trademark is your business’s intellectual property.

Given that the process of logo trademark registration is quite complicated, most entrepreneurs and business owners seek a professional hand during this process.

What can be registered as the trademark or logo of your company?

Remember, your logo and trademark need to be unique. In case you propose a trademark that looks similar to an existing one, you would not be able to use it for your business. When you reach out to us for trademark registration services, we scan through the database of existing trademarks and logos, ensuring that yours look different. This process slashes down the overall time needed for registration. Chances of getting the proposed logo rejected are also lower.

During logo trademark registration, you can propose the following elements:

  • Name
  • Numbers
  • Word
  • Sound
  • Images

Who can apply for logo trademark registration?

If you are any of the following, you can apply for logo trademark registration.

  • Individuals
  • Private firms
  • NGO’s
  • All types of companies

In case of LLPs and NGOs, you need to apply for the trademark registration under the concerned business’ name.

What are the benefits of registering your trademark?

Getting your trademark registered would bring you several advantages:

  1. Great business prospects: When you sell any service or product under a registered trademark, you offer value and trust. Customers are likely to purchase these products, knowing that they would be safe and of good quality.
  2. Legal protection: In case you find someone else using your logo or trademark, you may file a case for the infringement of your copyright. This indicates that no one can replicate your brand or sell products or services under the name of your company.
  3. Establishing your unique identity: Only when you associate your logo or trademark with your brand name, your customers would be able to identify your products. When you register your trademark, you leverage your brand value significantly.
  4. Develop intangible assets: If you are successful in establishing your business as a reputed brand, you would be developing intangible assets with your trademark. With a logo or trademark, you can turn your business into an intangible asset. Once it is done, your business can be commercially contracted, distributed, traded or franchised.

What do our trademark registration services include?

We offer comprehensive trademark registration services, starting with developing your logo or trademark, and ending with the registration process. Have a look at how you can benefit from collaborating with us:

  • Consultation
  • Logo designing
  • Filling up the application form
  • Name search
  • Filing application
  • Obtaining approval

Reach out to us for trademark registration services and get a quote.